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Give a little warmth, give a little comfort, give a little safety this Winter

Homelessness Week: Monday 5th to Sunday 11th August 2024.

Some Facts:

• 122,494 people in Australia experience homelessness on any given night
• 1 in 7 people experiencing homelessness are children under 12 (ABS Census 2021)
• 47 people for every 10000 is the recorded homelessness rate of Victoria, the second highest in the country after Northern Territory

Being homeless is not confined to only ones sleeping it rough. Homeless people are also
• Couch surfing with friends
• In rooming houses
• temporary accommodation,
• transient accommodation,
• some about to be evicted
• some in crisis accommodation.

Situation is getting worse as rentals and cost of living are high and affordability for day-to-day living is making it very difficult for vulnerable people to maintain stable accommodation.

What we do every Winter:

GUIH Homeless outreach service caters to people sleeping it rough. GUIH provides them with ‘Survival Kits’ containing
• food pack
• back pack,
• toiletry pack
• washing powder
• poncho
• sleeping bag
• Other essential items to keep them warm during winter
• Local help guide (with details of local food bank services, material aid services, mental health care plan support through their GP)

GUIH volunteers also assist by referring them to Housing Services who support with emergency and temporary accommodation until they find a suitable stable place for long term accommodation.

You can make a difference:

You can Make a difference to those doing it tough and doing it rough in the cold out there. Support the GUIH Homeless 'Survival kits' campaign this winter with your donations - financial or material.

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