Alister Fuller

Alister Fuller, founder of GUIH, who works in public transport observed and noticed numerous homeless people traveling public transport or simply on the streets. During one such workday when Alister was on his lunch break, he noticed a large number of homeless people sleeping under the bridge. Moved by compassion for them, he approached one man. He asked if they would like something to eat. Accompanied by this man, Alister ordered sufficient quantity food from a nearby café. Alister could not forget this moment. GUIH was born and our first project began on June 2021.

Social Worker

Garnet Jacob

Garnet Jacob obtained a Masters in Social Work specializing in Human Resources from Loyola- Chennai in 1992.

He has also graduated from Victoria University with a degree in Social Work. He currently works with youth at risk and deals with individuals who face mental challenges. He also works with domestic violence victims, perpetrators, and other vulnerable individuals.

Garnet has always had a heart to serve and is excellent at networking. His strength lies in his ability to communicate aptly as well as listen with a friendly yet impartial ear.

Garnet’s involvement in GUIH stems from his desire to serve and make a difference in people’s lives.

Operations and Finance

Board Members

Audrey Gambian – Vice President (Operations)

Anil Gilbert Menezes – Director (Fundraising & Operations)

Francis Thomas – Director (Finance Management)

Bernard Gonsalvez – Project Management

Veena Moraes – Secretary


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Anyone who is humble and passionate about serving, sharing their time and skills and building up GUIH to a World Class Not for Profit Organization is welcome to join us!

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